Become a member (or renew your current membership)

Become a member (or renew your current membership)

If you have an interest in Formation Evaluation and a link to Australia, we invite you to join the Formation Evaluation Society of Australia. For a very small yearly fee you will:

  • be the first to know about the monthly technical meetings, the courses, and other events relating to Formation Evaluation in Australia,
  • benefit from preferred rates for most of these events,
  • be able to access member-only content such as recent webcasts of technical meetings,
  • gain privileged access to a network of professionals and students of Formation Evaluation, from industry and academia.

Signing up and renewal are all done online, by selecting here the option that correspond to your situation:

Explanatory Notes:

SPWLA members: As the Australian Chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA), FESAus encourages and will support you to become a member of SPWLA also.  If you are already a member of SPWLA in good standing for the membership period (see next point), and you are based in Australia, then your FESAus membership is free; however you must still register with FESAus, which is done online by clicking the 2nd link above

Membership period: when you join the Society, your membership is for the current calendar year if you sign up by 30 September, and it is for the remainder of the year and the entire following year if you sign up after 30 September. Subsequent renewals are by calendar years.

Membership lapse: at the end of a calendar year, an email will be sent you to invite you to renew your membership.  If you do not renew it, your membership account will be cancelled after a few months.

Membership renewal: membership renewal process is similar to the signup process, but without the need to create new username and password. Make sure you login first before clicking here to RENEW
SPWLA members click here to renew your FESAus membership and follow instructions.

SPWLA membership vs. FESAus membership: to clarify, SPWLA membership entitles Australia-based members to FESAus membership upon request (2nd link above), but FESAus membership does not give you membership in SPWLA and you need to apply to SPWLA separately become an SPWLA member

If you are having any problem with the online membership registration, please email webmaster, with a brief description of the problem.

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