FESAus Industry Awards

The Formation Evaluation Society of Australia has initiated a number of industry awards to recognize the exceptional work or contribution of some of our peers to the field of Formation Evaluation or to FESAus itself.    Inaugural awards were given out during the Awards Ceremony at the 2010 SPWLA Annual Conference, held in Perth.

The “Medal of Honor for Career Service” is awarded to an individual in recognition of their extraordinary and long term service to the FESAus Society and to the promotion of Formation Evaluation.

The “Distinguished Service Award” is awarded to an individual in recognition of their outstanding service to the FESAus Society.

FESAus Medal of Honour for Career Service was awarded to Hugh Crocker in 2010, in recognition of his untiring, enthusiastic support and promostion of Formation Evaluation over the years.  This award is also a Honorary Life-time Membership to FESAus.

HughCrocker mugshot

FESAus Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Martin Storey in 2010, in recognition of his outstanding work in FESAus with regards to the construction and update of the FESAus website, his involvement with the creation and registration of FESAus as a national entity, the SPWLA wiki Glossary project, and generally for his willingness and readiness to help and provide support where ever possible, to whom so ever requires it in matters concerning FESAus.

MartinStorey mugshot

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