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Re-risking Reservoir and Fluid Data Acquisition in South East Asia Using Fluid Mapping-While-Drilling Technology

Aldrick Garcia Mayans, SchlumbergerMartin Storey, Mar 2020 FESAus speaker

Downhole fluid analysis (DFA) has proven to be an effective technology to assist in understanding reservoir dynamics, fluid distribution, reservoir compartmentalization and in-reservoir processes. Until recently DFA technology was only available with wireline conveyed tools. This was typically performed after the well had been drilled, limiting the ability for real-time decision making. The recent advent of logging while drilling (LWD) DFA technology - also known as fluid mapping-while-drilling (FMWD) - now allows operators to make informed and timely decisions on well construction, landing, geosteering and completion early in time and without pulling out of hole. This presentation is an aggregate of case studies from South East Asia demonstrating the benefits of the technology to operators in exploration, conventional reservoir management and even geosteering.


About the Presenter:

Aldick Garcia Mayans is a Principal Reservoir Engineer and Asia LWD Reservoir Domain Champion located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior joining Schlumberger in 2004 as a field engineer, he earned a MSc in Mechanical engineering from Ecole Nationale d’Arts & Métiers, France and a MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the French Petroleum Institute, France. In Schlumberger, he has been working closely with LWD reservoir services holding various field, technical, and interpretation positions in Congo, Angola, United States and Indonesia. Prior to his presents position Aldrick was North America LWD Reservoir Domain Champion. He authored and co-authored several industry papers and patents related to formation pressure, formation sampling and annular pressure while drilling services and applications. He is a member of the SPWLA and SPE.


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May 14th, 2020 12:30 PM through  1:30 PM
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