FESAus August Technical Event + Workshop in Perth

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Ashish Datey, August 2018 FESAus speakerIntegrating NMR and Spectroscopy Data in Formation Evaluation

Presented by Ashish Datey (Petrophysics Domain, Schlumberger)

Knowledge of mineralogy and clay volumes is fundamental for accurate formation evaluation. Presence of iron and / or calcium based minerals can distort results when using traditional methods of computing porosity and shale volume from Gamma Ray and Density-Neutron. Furthermore presence of light hydrocarbons impacts the density-neutron measurements and adds another variable to solve.

This presentation will review traditional interpretation methods and show how NMR and Spectroscopy data can be included in the multi-mineral inversion to provide quantitative formation evaluation.

About the Workshop:

Following the lunchtime presentation, Ashish will conduct demonstration and workshop showing integration of conventional open-hole, NMR and Spectroscopy data using a multi-mineral inversion to provide rapid formation evaluation.  Participants have the option of bringing a laptop running multi-mineral analysis (on Techlog or other suitable software) and following along in the class.  Dataset will be provided and is an open-source data set from a well in Browse Basin.  Software and licenses will not be provided.

About the Presenter:

Ashish Datey is the Schlumberger Petrophysics Domain for Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, based in Melbourne. He studied Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He joined Schlumberger 28 years ago as a Wireline field engineer and moved to the Data and Consulting Services segment of Schlumberger in 1998. For the past 12 years he has been based in Melbourne providing Petrophysics support for Schlumberger’s New Technology Services in the region.

Registration deadline: Friday 10th August 2018 3 PM

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August 14th, 2018 12:00 PM through  4:30 PM
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Non-Member - Meeting + Workshop (inc. GST) $ 90.00
Retiree/Student - Meeting + Workshop (inc. GST) $ 60.00
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