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Ashish Datey, August 2018 FESAus speakerSidewall Core Samples – Can We Get the Value? 

Presented by Max Podolyak (Core Laboratories, Asia Pacific)

Core analysis is the only direct and quantitative measurement of the “intact” reservoir properties, and should provide the foundation or ground truth upon which formation evaluation rests. The business objectives, value of information and operation costs are some of the driving forces for taking core and core analysis. The quality and reliability of core data have become more important with the ever-increasing pressure to optimize field development especially in a low oil price commercial environment. Coring operations by wireline tools using the rotary sidewall cores tend to provide alternative, quick and relatively cheap solution for the sample recovery and subsequent analyses, especially from consolidated formations. Furthermore, newly developed systems allow recovery of the large samples (1.5” diameter cores), which help to improve the accuracy of the acquired results, by minimising the margin of error associated with the volumetric limits (minimum pore volume requirement). 
However, size of the samples is not the only requirement for the successful laboratory testing programmes. It is important to keep in mind that SWC are recovered from the sand face of the drilled wellbore, which was subjected to mud/filtrate invasion processes, which means the core samples are taken exactly in the vicinity of the mechanically and chemically disturbed formation rock. Depth control, orientation of the bedding plane are the additional complicating factors that need to be taken into consideration.  This presentation illustrates examples the common challenges associated with the testing on the SWC. Recommended procedures for the proper sampling, preservation at the wellsite and laboratory protocols that maximise the value of SWC in a laboratory study will be addressed. 

About the Presenter:

Max Podolyak is a Technical Director for Rock Properties Group within Core Laboratories Asia Pacific with over 11 years of practical and consultancy experience in Core Analysis. He has BSc degree in rock physics and geology from Moscow State School of Mines and MSc in Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.  
He started his career working with RESLAB in the UK as a special core analyst and was involved in the planning and operations of a number of major petrophysical and reservoir engineering core studies. From early 2012, Max worked as a Senior Consultant in Subsurface Group at Senergy International for Asia Pacific, providing consultancy services, technical support and training to operating companies on a range of core analysis issues. The highlights of this role included the test design, management, interpretation of core test studies, as well as integration of core analysis data with engineering software platforms. In September 2016 Max started his new role as a Technical Director with Core Laboratories Asia Pacific, where his responsibilities involve regional client support on various technical matters, provision of core analysis training. Lately Max has been elected to become a Chairman of Core Analysis Development and Training Community for the Core Laboratories Global. Max is a regular presenter for regional technical sessions with FES (SPWLA), SPE and SEAPEX in Asia Pacific.  

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September 11th, 2018 12:00 PM through  1:30 PM
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