May 2021 Technical Event in Perth

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Electrical Property Measurements and their Advances

R. Ray Hanna, Core LaboratoriesR. Ray Hanna, May 2021 FESAus speaker

The insitu valuation of hydrocarbon volume requires a new laboratory technique for measuring the Formation Factor (FF) and Resistivity Index (RI) on “as-received” core samples. Unlike conventional practices that require lengthy core cleaning and wettability restoration, the new workflow begins by measuring petrophysical properties of the cores in an “as-received” condition, then proceeds in a series of steps that neither alter the wettability nor destroy the clay structure.

This method provides an accurate and relatively fast measurement of FF and RI on “as-received” samples, resulting in the determination of the Archie parameters ‘m’ and ’n’. These parameters play an essential role in estimating hydrocarbon in place using Archie’s equation and provide insight into partial oil-wetting conditions. Cleaning, drying, and re-saturating the sample is not required, minimizing the risk of altering the initial wetting state of the sample.

About the Presenter:

R. Ray Hanna, Sr. Technical Advisor _ Petrophysics (SCAL) & SME-Electrical Properties at Core Laboratories’ Advanced Technology Center in Houston, TX. Ray has worked in Core Analysis for 30+ years and has played a leading role in the development of the Core Laboratories RwCoreTM Patented technology in USA, Australia, & UK Patent offices; as well as introducing the core-based Dielectric response measurements technology in the servicing sector; Ray has co-authored SPE-191746-MS paper, in addition to several internal proprietary publications to Core Laboratories.  Ray is a member of SPWLA, SPE, and Rt-Sig.


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This session will be presented from Houston, USA, This FESAus' technical meeting will include a sit-down lunch for attendees in Perth. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any dietary requirement.

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May 11th, 2021 12:00 PM through  1:30 PM
334 Murray St, Perth WA 6000
IBIS Hotel
Perth, WA
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