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How to not create email archives or to clear them

  • Each mailing list created with cpanel can be archived on a specifiable schedule.  To select that, or to select that nothing be archived:
    • go to cpanel, select “basic mailing list” and “modify” the mailing list (requires another login).
    • Select “archiving options” and select “no” for “archive messages?”.  Just to be sure, also select “private” archives, to avoid having emails enter the internet and come up on search engines results.  “Submit your changes”.
  • To see if there are any existing archives, select “Go to list archives” while modifying the mailing list.  If there are some and you want to delete them, you cannot do that yourself and must send an email (raise a support ticket through the “help” tab) to an administrator for them to do it.


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Written by Scott Cole and Martin Storey on 12-Aug-2012

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