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How to fix CiviMail when it stops sending messages

We have had a number of instances when CiviMail seems to work but messages don’t actually get sent out.  We found two different problems: either the cron job was stopped or had disappeared, or the cron job mailbox had filled up.  Here are the 2 solutions:

  1. If the cron job has disappeared or stopped, go to hostmonster / cpanel / cron jobs and restart or create the following cron job:
    wget -O /dev/null ‘********####&key=@Pec********####’  where Pec********#### is the password we’ve used.
  2. If the cron job mailbox filled up:
    – Log into hostmonster
    – Select the “Email Accounts” in the Email Section
    – This gives you a display which shows the space left in and (no-reply was at 110/250 Mb quota, I have just purged it again tonight)
    – Click on the More button to access the webmail (password Pec********#### with no exclaimation mark)
    – Select an email reader to use. I recommend Horde as it has a “Empty Folder” option (icon above messages pane) to purge to entire Intray in a single click
    – Select Inbox, then click on Empty Folder (icon to right of Inbox Title)


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Written by Martin Storey and Scott Cole on 12-Aug-2012 and 4-Mar-2013, entered by Martin Storey on 5-Mar-2013

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