Doc How to manage the mailing list


Outline of procedure:

People who are in the mailing list (registered through website) are “Contacts” in CiviCRM.  To manage these, go to the back end / Component / CiviCRM / Find Contacts.


  • In the middle drop down list, select “Mailing List Group”, then click Search
  • You will be presented with everybody who has subscribed to Mailing List (result about 500)


  • Since all members are supposed to subscribe to Mailing List, the list actually include both FESAus Member AND Those subscribe to mailing list only
  • Repeating the above procedure, but searching for “FESAus member” will give you the list of FESAus Member ONLY (result about 200)
  • Subtracting one list from the other, you can get those who’s subscribed to Mailing list but NOT member.


  • As of Sep. 2009, the actual mailing list is and it is managed through the Hostmonster cpanel.
  • Access to this functionality should be very limited, only to the absolutely required (e.g. treasurer + administrator).  If you feel that you need access, please contact the webmasters

Please treat this information confidentially, particularly your user id and password for FESAus website administration.
Written by Martin Storey with information from Kamal Jansen on 5-Sep-2009

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