Doc How to see who registered for an event

  • Connect to, the “back end” of our website.
  • Log on using your user id for FESAus website administration, which may be different from your normal user id (contact the webmasters if you are not sure)
  • Under “Components”, select “CiviCRM” / “CiviEvent”
  • Look for the event in the table, then click on  Registered/Attended: X
    You can easily copy-and-paste that table into e.g. an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Log out when you are done.

Caveat: this is only for Committee members with website admnistation privileges.  Other Committee members will not have access to the “back end” of our website.  If you don’t have such privileges but feel that you should, please contact the webmasters.

Please treat this information confidentially, particularly your user id and password for FESAus website administration.
Written by Martin Storey on 24-Jul-2009

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