Doc How to sign up for a committee meeting


Outline of procedure:

  1. Sign in.
  2. Register

Detailed Procedure:

  1. Sign in: login first by using your  Username / Password. Please note that this step is mandatory to register for committee meeting.
  2. Register:
    * From Menu select Meetings / Events à Committee Meetings. Please note the “Committee Meetings” menu only appears after logging in. As Committee your username/password has special privilege to view committee only content on the website.
    * Under “Aug 2009 Committee Meeting”, click “>>More Information and RSVP<<”
    * Click on “Register Now”, which is close to the bottom of the page.
    * Following the registration process by clicking Continue until you see that registration is now successful.

A confirmation of registration will be emailed to you automatically.


  • The ability to sign in for a Committee Meeting is only available to Committee Meeting members, hence it is important that you sign in before attempting the present instructions.  If you feel that you need assistance, please contact the webmasters

Please treat this information confidentially, particularly your user id and password for FESAus website administration.
Written by Martin Storey with information from Kamal Jansen and Leanne Brennan on 5-Sep-2009

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