Doc To generate new userid

Outline of procedure:

  1. Open two browser windows [B1] and [B2]
  2. [B2] Login to the Back-end
  3. [B2]Make sure the email address of the member is already recorded in CiviCRM
  4. [B2] Make sure email address is NOT already in Joomla
  5. [B2] Create new Joomla Username and Password
  6. [B1] Verify the newly created Username/password is functioning
  7. Email user about the newly created Username/password

Detailed steps:

  1. Start two browsers window, and point one of them to (B1), and the other one to (B2)
  2. At [B2], login using your administrator username and password
  3. * Go to menu: Component => CiviCRM ? Find Contacts
    * Type portion of the email address in “Name or Email” field (eg: manescu), then click Search
    * If search return any matching, result then go to step 4. If no result, make a note and skip this member
  4. * Go to menu: Site => User Manager
    * Type portion of the email address in “Filter” field, the click Go
    * If search DO NOT return any matching result, then go to step 5
  5. * Still in menu: Site => User Manager, click the New green button (+) to create a new user for Joomla
    * Enter all information in the User Details as below, then click Save.
    – Enter full name in the “Name” field
    – Use first portion of the email as username
    – Enter Password based on randomly generated case-sensitive password in the spreadsheet
    – The Group should be left at “Registered”
    * Now the new user is already created in Joomla and go to Step 6 to verify user can log in
  6. * Switch to browser B1 and enter the newly created username and password , then click Login
    * Make sure the Member Area menu appear on the home page
    * Try Member Area => Update Profile and make sure new user detail is visible.
  7. Email to user, indicating the newly created username and password

Caveat: this is only for Committee members with website admnistation privileges.  Other Committee members will not have access to the “back end” of our website.  If you don’t have such privileges but feel that you should, please contact the webmasters.

Please treat this information confidentially, particularly your user id and password for FESAus website administration.
Written by Kamal Jansen on 30-Jun-2009

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