Doc Updating website after tech mtg


Outline of procedure:

(in construction)

  1. Update “Technical Meetings” on home page.
  2. Update “Technical Meetings (2009)” page in Meetings / Events menu.
  3. Disable payment for past event, if not already done.

Detailed steps:

  1. Updating “Technical Meetings” on home page:
    Because this functionality is implemented through the “2J Tabs” component, this needs to be done through the back-end.
    a. Create a copy of the “Technical Meetings” article used by “2J Tabs” (article #102), and rename that copy “Technical Meetings retYYMMDD” where the last 6 characters are the date stamp.
    b. Edit the “Technical Meetings” article used by “2J Tabs” (article #102).  Basically the “Next Technical Meeting” must change to what was under “Future Technical Meeting”, and the latter must be updated.  Make sure that the link “>> MORE INFORMATION and ONLINE REGISTRATION <<” is updated, e.g. index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/event/info&id=25&reset=1 (it’s a good idea to check it after the page has been edited and saved).
  2. Update “Technical Meetings” page in Meetings / Events menu.
    This can be done either from the front page when logged in with an administrator userid, or from the backpage in the Article Editor, article #96.
    a. Move the “Next Meeting” text to the next technical meeting.
    b. If you have new information on future meetings (from the last minutes of the Committee meeting), enter them in new rows.
  3. Disable payment for past event, if not already done.


  • Access to the administrator functions and the website back-end is limited.  If you feel that you need access, please contact the webmasters

Please treat this information confidentially, particularly your user id and password for FESAus website administration.
Written by Martin Storey on 13-Aug-2009

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