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The Formation Evaluation Society of Australia (FESAus) is an association incorporated with the Western Australia Department of Consumer and Employment Protection (DOCEP) under association number A1006494.
On 19 August 2008 we became registered with ASIC with ABN 74 132 811 726, ACN 132811726, and TFN 887 035 187.
Our original Australia Business Number (ABN) was 91 168 791 150 (see 1 & 2) but it was deprecated on 5-Mar-2014 (see ABN Lookup).  Our original (FESWA) constitution is here.

FESAus Contact address: P.O. Box 7784, Cloisters Square, Perth, WA 6850, Australia.
We have 2 keys; as of March 2016, one is with the petty cash box and one with the President Nariman Nouri Martin.
PO Box rental is payable yearly.

We must now comply, and compliance is summarized here.

Minutes of Committee meeting (* : signed)

2016 MinutesFebruary; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2015 MinutesFebruary; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2014 MinutesFebruary; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December – FESQ: March
2013 MinutesFebruary; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December – FESQ: June
2012 MinutesFebruary; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, NovemberDecember
2011February; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2010February; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2009February; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2008February; March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2007September, October, November, December


June 2009Proposed edits to the Constitution (placed here for consultation of the Committee members):


How to join a Committee Meeting by phone?

We now use Webex and a Polycom phone for our meetings.  Instructions to Webex and Dial into a FESAus meeting are as follows (and also in a document here):

Company: Eureka Teleconferencing (http://www.teleconference.com.au)\
Formation Evaluation Society of Australia (under Jeremy Prosser)

Dial in number (Toll Free for calls within Australia): 1 800 857 029
Dial in number (Toll for calls from overseas):         +61 3 8779 7440
Guest Access code: 1352 9030#
Host Access code:   5786 6712# (not to be distributed outside committee)
For sharing of the powerpoint slides: the meeting number is randomly generated by Webex everytime we host a meeting, so this will be different for each event

Email lists & aliases ?

To write to:Use the email address:
The current entire FESAus CommitteeCommittee@fesaus.org
Monthly Meeting CoordinatorTechMeeting@fesaus.org
Live Telecast CoordinatorLTC@fesaus.org
Membership Coordinatormembership@fesaus.org
Scholarship Coordinatorsscholarship@fesaus.org
Sponsorship Groupsponsorship@fesaus.org
Data Standards and Best Practices Group Chairstandards@fesaus.org


Main administrative files

DescriptionsOwner (if applicable)
15-Aug-2016Public liability insurance (pdf file)Secretary
8-May-2016Worker’s compensation insurance (pdf file) + certificate of insurance (pdf file)Secretary
3-Mar-20162016 FESAus Committee Job Descriptions. (pdf file, DOC file)L. Brennan
8-Aug-2015Certificate of Insurance for Public LiabilitySecretary
25-Mar-2014Single-slide intro to FESAus (pptx)M. Storey
25-Mar-2014Updated FESAus leaflet (pptx, pdf)M. Storey
10-Mar-2014Nov. 2013 FESAus – Mark Deakin agreement for PP course.docxJ. Prosser/M.Storey
11-Mar-2013130310_FESAus Invitation Letter for Topical ConferenceA. Gyllensten
28-Feb-2013Invoice Sponsorship website (for Paradigm)L. Brennan
27-Feb-2013Dr. Mark Bunch, March 2013 speaker, signed consent formA. Manescu
27-Feb-2013Presenters’ guidelines for Technical Meetings DOCPDFZ. John
1-Mar-2013Purchase Order for Colin McPhee course (signed)W. Emery
6-Dec-2012SPWLA Award Nomination FormJ. Roche
5-Nov-20122012 FESAus Treasurers ReportN.Harvey
3-Oct-2012Live Telecast documentation:
01.FESAus Live Telecast Setup_Option-1 and 2 _A3_updated 29Sept2012
02.FESAus Live Telecast SETUP- Equipment list_and COSTS_updated 29Sept2012
Z. John
26-Sep-2012Disclaimer page for webcastsZ. John
10-Sep-2012Geomechanics Master Class 2012_Course Evaluation.docZ. John
3-Aug-2012Renewal of feswa domain name until 4th Aug 2014Webmaster
16-Jul-2012Subcommittee discussion notes on Student Awards, Hugh Crocker Scholarship, etcJ. Prosser
12-Jul-2012Call for New Technology Forum presentersA. Manescu
16-Feb-2012Ibis Hotel Salt Room Evacuation Safety PlanZ.John
2-Feb-2012Projector doc:
01.FESAus Projector ViewSonic Pro8500 READ ME FIRST_ZJ 02Feb2012
02.FESAus Projector ViewSonic Pro8500 Purchase Receipt
03.Viewsonic Pro8500 UserGuide
25-Jan-2012Zach’s message to Committee on feasibility of webinars
Zach’s presentation on same
22-Dec-2011FESAus 2011 award to Robert Charlebois
FESAus 2011 award to Tony Kennaird
Invitation to renew membership 2012 (doc, pdf)
6-Dec-2011FESAus Sponsorship Letter 2012 (docx, ../AdminFiles/FESAus Sponsorship 2012  letter.docx)Z.John
30-Nov-2011FESAus Logo Z.John
7-Nov-2011SPWLA Awards Nomination Form (example from 2009)
Letter to H. Crocker cc Medal of Honor for Career Service 2010
FESAusLetter to M. Storey cc Distinguished Service Award 2010
Supporting material for Hugh Crocker
Supporting material for Martin Storey
Z. John
26-Sep-2011FESAus_SPE_Seminar_Series_6May2010_Incomplete_Flyer.docZ. John
18-Sep-2011Gas Petrophysics Conference – event evaluationsA. Gyllensten
15-Sep-20112011 New Tech Forum Flyer (software)A. Manescu
10-Aug-2011Letter from KPMG Auditors from 2008-09 to 2010-11Treasurer
10-Aug-2011FESAus (audited) Annual Report for 2009-2010Treasurer
4-Aug-2011Delegation of Authorities, updated on 5-Nov-2008 (doc, pdf)Directors
31-Jul-20112011-12 Public Liability InsuranceDirectors
7-Jun-2011Generic header paper for FESAus (doc)M. Storey
18-May-2011FESAus Event Planning Worksheet (xls, pdf)Z.John
18-Apr-2011FESAus Leaflet (2011)C. Sims
18-Apr-20112010 AGM Documents and Reports:
2010 AGM Agenda, Signed Agenda,
2010 AGM Minutes, Signed Minutes,
2010 FESAus Directors Report,
2010 FESAus Directors Resolution,
20-Sep-2010List of contacts used for mailout of Hugh Crocker Scholarship (xls)J. Prosser
18-Aug-2010Hugh Crocker Scholarship: mailout letters 2008 Zip fileJ. Prosser
Course Evaluation Steve Adams (pdf)
Notes about the Steve Adams Course DOC
Flyer for Steve Adams Aug 2010 Cap Curves course
C. Sims
L. Brennan
8-Aug-2010Sponsorship Letter v. 8.2 PDFDOCXZ. John / J. Prosser
4-Aug-20102009 FESAus-SPE Distinguished Lecture on Permeability, Martin Kennedy Perth PDF flyer, Adelaide PDF flyer, Sydney PDF flyer, Melbourne PDF flyer, Brisbane PDF flyerFESAus
23-Jul-2010Feedback form for Master Class DOCPDF
Compilation of feedback received XLSX
7-Jul-2010Promotional material prepared for SPWLA Conference:
* FESAus leaflet (ppt file)
* FESAus Poster 1 on FESAus in general (pptx file)
* FESAus Poster 2 on webcasts (pptx file)
* FESAus Poster 3 on sponsorship (ppt file)
15-Jun-2010Company for making banners; Company for trophiesZach John
9-Jun-20102010 Membership form.  PDF format, MS-Word format.Zach John
10-May-2010SPE-FESAus Seminar Series memorandum of understanding_2010.pdfZach John
LastSlide_Become a member (for NonMember slides only).ppt
Zach John
Zach John
17-Apr-2010Sponsorship letter: FESAus SPONSORSHIP Booking Form ver7-1.doc
Also see this page
Zach John
5-Mar-2010Gene Ballay’s Carbonates course
Feedback form: Feedback Forms_Carbonates.pdf
Compiled responses: Carbonates Feedback.xlsx
Leanne Brennan
5-Mar-2010Whois_FESAus_website_informationM. Storey
2-Nov-2009FESAus Financial Report 2009
FESAus ASIC Form 388 for 2009
KPMG Representation Letter for 2009
Pete Bright
12-Jul-2009New Technology day: 2007 (software) invitation (“call for abstracts”)
A4 flyer for New Technology day 2007 (doc) (pdf) (Software)
Zach John
24-Feb-2009FESAus Contact List (committee)Leanne Potter
6-Nov-2008Permeability Master Class flyer

Set of files that were compiled or found useful for the organisation of the FESAus New Technology Day:
Attendance list Sep 08.xls
0809_FESAus Seminar Evaluation Form Ver2.doc
0809_Summary of Feedback – Sept08 New Tech Forum.doc

Zach John
20-Aug-2008Edinburgh Conference Highlights v2.doc        newJeff Roche
10-May-2008FESAus_Expense_Template.xlsPeter Bright
8-Dec-2007Course Evaluation formMartin Storey
25-Feb-2007February 2007 Committee PresentationJeff Roche
5-Feb-2007Invoice templateFESAus
5-Feb-2007Letter of invitation for foreigner visiting AustraliaFESAus
5-Feb-2007List of Department Heads for scholarship letter (2006)FESAus
5-Feb-2007Planning notes for Gene Ballay’s courseFESAus
5-Feb-2007The Melbourne Package descriptionFESAus
5-Feb-2007The Melbourne Registration FormFESAus
5-Feb-2007The Melbourne Event Pack 2006-07FESAus
6-Dec-20062007 Membership FormR.Tamke
25-Nov-2006Gene Ballay’s Carbonate Petrophysics FlyerF.O’Sullivan
25-Nov-2006Notes from Meeting with Jack Horkowitz, SPWLA presidentRobyn Tamke
28-Oct-2006BAS statements for Apr-Jun_2005, Jul-Sep_2005, Oct-Dec_2005Fiona O’Sullivan
3-Oct-2006Flyer for Phillipe Theys uncertainty course Nov. 2006F. O’Sullivan
18-Sep-2006Participant survey results from the New Tech Forum held in Sep. 2006Robyn Tamke
3-Oct-2006Flyer for Phillipe Theys uncertainty course Nov. 2006F. O’Sullivan
11-Sep-2006Congrats_MeganHalbert.docF. O’Sullivan
11-Sep-2006Scholarship_letter_template.docF. O’Sullivan
11-Sep-2006Scholarship_letter_AntonKepic_Curtin_recip.docF. O’Sullivan
11-Sep-2006Scholarship_letter_AntonKepic_Curtin.docF. O’Sullivan
11-Sep-2006Scholarship certificate template.docF. O’Sullivan
7-Jun-2006Gene Ballay’s course on Carbonates and Sandstones, his articleFESAus
21-May-20062006_Scholarship_letter_recipients.docF. O’Sullivan
21-May-20062006_Scholarship_letter_template.docF. O’Sullivan
21-May-20062006_Capillary_Pressure_School_Flyer.docF. O’Sullivan
21-May-20062006_Formation_water_Course_David_Bowyer.docF. O’Sullivan
21-May-20062006_Wettability_Course_Norm_Morrow.docF. O’Sullivan
13-Mar-20062006 Membership form (MS-Word file)T.Magee
12-Feb-2006First 2006 meeting (PPT presentation)Jeff Roche

Data Standards and Best Practices Group:

  • Minutes of meeting of March 2007, May 2007, Oct.2007.
  • 2006 Yearly Report / Agenda to kick off 2007.
  • Inaugural meeting (Feb. 2006, PPT), Aug. 2006 (DOC, PDF, PPT), AAPG presentation.

Minutes of Committee Meetings of previous years: ( * : signed)

2011 MinutesFeb*; March*, April*, May*, June*, July*, August*, September*, October*, November, December*
2010 MinutesFeb*; March*; April*; May*; June*; July*; August*, September*, October*, November*, December*
2009 MinutesFeb* (A1, A2);March* (A1, A2, A3); April* (A1, A2, A3); May* (A1, A2, A3); June* (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5); July* (A1); August* (A1, A2); September* (A1); October*; November*; December*
2008 MinutesMinutes February, March, April, May+Actions, June+Actions, July, August, Sep., Oct. Nov., Dec.
2008 AgendaAgenda February, March, June, July, August, October, November, December
2007 MinutesMinutes February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2006 MinutesFebruary, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2005 MinutesFebruary, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, notes on Bali, December
2004 MinutesFebruary, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
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