2016 Events

The year started at full swing and we already have had two excellent technical seminars. On February 26th, Professor Stephen Tyson from the School of Earth Sciences and Centre for Coal Seam Gas at the University of Queensland presented a talk on “Big Data: Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts” regarding all the way things are changing towards the ability to diagnose and predict based upon the investigation of large amounts of data. 

On 14th March 2016 Dr Mark McCaffrey (pictured below) gave a fabulous talk on how geochemistry could be used to reduce exploration and development risks. The presentation showed applications of fingerprinting technology using case studies and included conventional and unconventional exampls. A special thanks to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (Geological Survey of Queensland) for kindly providing the venue for both technical events. 

From left to right: Marcel Croon, Jose Oliveira Neto, Dr Mark McCaffrey, Dave Baker and Kevin Flynn.

2015 Events

July FESQ Seminar: PhD Presentations

The Influence of Cleat De-Mineralisation by Acid on the Permeability of Coal

Presented by Luc Turner, School of Chemical Engineering, UQ

Luc is at the completion stage of his PhD thesis titled: Chemical Stimulation Techniques for Increasing the Permeability of Coal Seams. Mineral occlusions in cleats are known to considerably reduce coal permeability and Luc presented on the permeability enhancement potential of cleat de-mineralisation. Sequential steady state core flooding experiments with KCl and HCl solutions were performed on a variety of mineralised whole core samples from the Bowen and Surat Basins. Read more…


Luc presenting to FESQ Members at the July seminar.


Observation of Two Phase Flow using Engineered Cleats in Bowen Basin Coals

Presented by Shilo Mahoney, School of Chemical Engineering, UQ

Shilo is in the final year of his PhD thesis titled: The Effect of Water Occlusion on Gas Production in Coal. Shilo presented on the effect of coal rank on the contact angle of air and water in artificial microchannels etched in a set of coals from the Bowen Basin. Read more…


Shilo presenting to FESQ Members at the July Seminar.

Both Luc and Shilo were very engaging and some great questions were asked by FESQ Members!


May FESQ Technical Talk: Continuous Mineralogy Analysis Using Neutron Spectroscopy Logging

Presented by Glen Palamountain, Senior Geoscientist, Baker Hughes 

Glen discussed Neutron Spectroscopy Mineralogy Tools and how they can be useful in unconventional reservoirs. Glen explained the theory of the neutron induced tool and its application to help answer questions related to complex or mixed lithology down hole.

Glen presenting to members at the May FESQ technical talk.


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