Other Events (2013)

We list here events of potential interest to the Formation Evaluation community, but that are not organised by FESAus.

Event NameLocation & Date
SPE Advanced Carbonate Reservoir CharacterisationDubai, UAE 11-13-Feb-2013
2013 SPWLA Spring Topical Conference
High Angle Well Placement & Evaluation
Flyer | Application
Santa Rosa, CA, USA; April 28- May 1, 2013
SPWLA 54th Annual Symposium
New Orleans, LA, USA 22-26 June 2013
SPWLA Unconventional Resources SIG 2013 Conference
Woodlands, TX, USA 9-Jul-2013
2013 PPDM Perth Data Management Symposium
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Perth, WA,Australia, 8-Aug-2013
2013 PPDM Brisbane Data Management Workshop
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Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 13-Aug-2013
Developing Unconventional Gas DUG AustraliaBrisbane, QLD, Australia, 27-29-Aug-2013
27th International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts (SCA)
“Unconventional SCAL Solutions for Unconventional Reservoirs”
Napa, CA, USA, 16-19-Sep-2013
Japan SPWLA Chapter: 19th Formation Evaluation Symposium
Chiba, Japan, 26-27-Sep-2013
SPWLA 2013 Fall Topical Conference
“Seismic Petrophysics – Unlocking the Value of Integration”
Taos, NM, USA, 27-30-Oct-2013
Kuwait SPWLA Chapter: 2nd Topical Conference
“From Placement to Monitoring of Horizontal Wells”
Kuwait, 28-31-Oct-2013
Colombia SPWLA Chapter C.A.F.E. – Fall Topical Conference
Medellin, Colombia, 30-Oct-2-Nov-2013
SPE in cooperation with FESAus present a short course:
Well Data Acquisition and Quality Control
Sydney, NSW, Australia, 21-22 November 2013
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