Presenters’ Agreement

We are grateful to you for accepting to present at one of the FESAus Technical Meetings and look forward to your talk. Please note that the FESAus Monthly Technical Meetings are normally recorded on video so as to be made available to our membership nationwide through our website. Hence we request that:

  • You accept that your presentation will be videotaped;
  • You accept that the presentation will later be made available on the FESAus website in the form of a “webcast” (examples can be seen on under the “webcasts” tab);
  • You agree to provide FESAus with a copy of your presentation in MS-PowerPoint format for FESAus to construct the webcast (this can be done simply by leaving a copy of the file on the FESAus presentation laptop after your talk, or giving a copy on a thumb drive to the FESAus Meeting coordinator).

We also request your cooperation so that:

  1. The number of slides given us should be the same number of slides as presented at FESAus.
  2. The sequence of the slides in the PowerPoint file should be the same as that presented.
  3. If the partial or complete content of any slide cannot be placed on the FESAus website, then please edit this slide by removing the confidential information and putting instead “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION REMOVED” on the slide.

FESAus will inform you directly as soon as the webcast of your presentation is ready, so you have a chance to see it first.

On behalf of the Formation Evaluation Society of Australia’s membership, thank you very much.

Kindly confirm your acceptance of these terms by entering all of the information below and ticking “READ and UNDERSTOOD” button. A copy of this agreement will be mailed to the email address entered for your reference.

Our Sponsor

Our sponsors in accounts auditing are gratefully acknowledged: Moore-Stephens
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