Queensland Section

Formation Evaluation Society of Queensland (FESQ)


FESQ is an international chapter of SPWLA, representing the state of Queensland, Australia. We continue to serve the local community of professionals and researchers with interest in the science and application of Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation. Our focus is on providing information and education that is relevant to our members, with emphasis on unconventional petroleum reservoirs and a growing interest in mining applications. We also promote innovation and advancement of new technologies and support collaboration with other societies that have common interests.


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 Professional Affiliation


 Marcel Croon


 Vice President

 Vahab Honari

 University of Queensland


 Inamullah Janjua



 Joseph Lim

 Senex Energy

  Former President

  Justin Gorton


 Committee Member 

  Heidi Sutton


 Committee Member

 Tom Neville

 Asia-Pacific FE Services

 Committee Member

 Anthony Giambalvo


 Committee Member

 Rick Aldred


 Committee Member

 Andrew McCarter


 Committee Member

 Doug Edwards


 Committee Member

 Mahmoud Oraby

 Arrow Energy

 Committee Member

 Sally Edwards


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