Register For FESAus Membership for SPWLA Member

FESAus Membership for SPWLA Member

This registration is intended for Australia-residing members of the SPWLA in good standing, who have paid their SPWLA member dues for the current year.  FESAus being the Australian Chapter of the SPWLA , SPWLA members may register at FESAus free of charge to become a full FESAus Member.

As FESAus Member, you will have access to FESAus Members-only materials at this website.

Special procedure for renewals: if you are already a FESAus member on account of being an Australia-residing member of the SPWLA in good standing, and wish to renew your membership on the same account for a calendar year in which you are also a member in good standing, please let know by email, confirming your SPWLA membership number.

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