Technical Meetings (2008)

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Event NameLocation & Date
Hidden oil shows augment information from well testing to evaluate exploratory wells (by Peter J. Eadington, CSIRO)Tuesday, 12-Feb-2008
Reservoir Clogging: A network model for capture of particles and droplets in porous media (by Charlie Gao, Curtin University)Tuesday, 11-Mar-2008
Porosity Typing and Productivity Analysis in Carbonates using NMR and conventional logs (by Mehmet Altunbay, Baker Hughes)Tuesday, 8-Apr-2008
Bridging Over Uncertainty: Past Performance Into Forecasting (by Sameh Macary, Chevron Australia)Tuesday, 20-May-2008
A Tyre Kicker’s Guide to Formation Evaluation (by Mike Walker, Walker Petrophysics)Tuesday, 10-Jun-2008
The Interpretation of Wireline and LWD Formation Pressure Data Sets in a Complex Deepwater Turbidite Oil Field (by Tom Crampin, Woodside)Tuesday, 8-Jul-2008
A Master Class on PermeabilityThursday, 24-Jul-2008
A New Approach In Building A Mechanical Earth Model Using Acoustically Derived Shear Moduli (by Andrew Buffin)Tuesday, 12-Aug-2008
New Technology Forum – New Technology In Formation EvaluationWednesday, 10-Sep-2008
Unlocking Hidden Reservoir Potential Through Integrated Formation Damage Evaluation (by Colin McPhee, Senergy)Tuesday, 14-Oct-2008
Formation Evaluation For CO2 Disposal (by Jeroen Brantjes, Chevron)Tuesday, 11-Nov-2008
A Ramble Through Some Oilfields (by Gerry McGann, Incremental Petroleum)Tuesday, 9-Dec-2008

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