Technical Meetings (2009)

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Event NameLocation & Date
Petrophysical And Geological Data From Drill Cuttings
Mike Dowen, Ammtec Mineralogy
Tuesday, 10-Feb-2009
Focussed Data Acquisition Strategy Aids Pluto And Xena Reservoir Characterisation
Tim Conroy, Woodside Energy
Tuesday, 10-Mar-2009
Derivation Of A Resistivity-independent Sw From NMR In A Pyrite Infested Reservoir
Peter Miklavs, Schlumberger
Tuesday, 21-Apr-2009
Broadband Rock Electrical Properties
Dr Matthew Josh, CSIRO
Tuesday, 12-May-2009
The Fundamentals Of Pore Pressure Analysis
Rex Butler, Senergy
Tuesday, 9-Jun-2009
Digital Core Technology
Mark Knackstedt, ANU; combined with the FESAus “Christmas in July” event.
Tuesday, 14-Jul-2009
Pre-Drill & Real-Time Formation Evaluation to Optimize Minifrac Operations
Jessica Avila (Woodside Energy)
Tuesday, 11-Aug-2009
FESAus 2009 New Technology Forum
Advances in Formation Evaluation Software
Tuesday, 8-Sep-2009
The relationship between Survey Management and Geological Target Objectives
Tim Allen, Halliburton
Tuesday, 13-Oct-2009
Benefits of HT-Hostile Environments on Wellbore Stability
Fermin Fernandez-Ibanez, GeoMechanics International
Tuesday, 10-Nov-2009
FESAus Traditional Christmas Event
Special Guest Speaker: Tammie Sebire, Vice-President of Reservoir Development for Woodside Energy Ltd, who spoke on: Are we there yet? A journey in leadership
Tuesday, 8-Dec-2009

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