Technical Meetings (2014)

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Event NameLocation & Date
Evaluation Issues in the Seven Worldwide Game Changers Discovered in Recent Years
Gerry McGann, Managing Director, Incremental Oil & Gas
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Perth, 13-Feb-2014

FTIR* Frontiers in Technology Applications in Oil Exploration
John Woods, Ana-min 
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(*FTIR: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)

Perth, Tue 11-Mar-2014
Bowen Regional Supermodel
Joan Esterle
Brisbane, Fri 28-Mar-2014
The Scratch Test: a High-Resolution Log of Rock Strength with Application to Geomechanics and Petrophysics
Dr. Richard Thomas
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Perth, Tue 15-Apr-2014

Permeability Measurement Considerations for Reservoir Management
Tony Kennaird, Corelab
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Perth, Tue 13-May-2014
Vices and virtues of Spectroscopic Mineralogy
Jean-Baptiste(JB) Peyaud
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Perth, Tue 10-Jun-2014
Defining Net Reservoir Using the Dual Packer Wireline Formation Tester: A Case Study from the Clio, Acme and Acme West Fields
Perth, Tue 8-Jul-2014
Core Analysis in Unconventional Resources: Using Pressurised Core as Example
Brisbane, Tue 15-Jul-2014

Drilling the Deepest Offshore Well in the World: What We Learnt From the Nankai Trough Seismogenic Subduction Zone
Lionel Esteban, CSIRO – Perth
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Perth, Tue 12-Aug-2014
FESAus 2014 New Technology Forum: New Hardware Technologies for Formation Evaluation
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Perth, Thursday

Predicting Litho Types from Seismic and Verifying them from Well Logs
Ata Ilahi, Woodside
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Perth, Tue 14-Oct-2014

FESAus Technical Meeting followed by our Master Class Series: Thin Bed Formation Evaluation
Rick Aldred, Paradigm + 8 presenters

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Perth, Tue 11-Nov-2014

FESQ Seminar: Taking Labs to the Wellsite
Brian Hankins

Brisbane, Thu 20-Nov-2014

FESAus Christmas Lunch Meeting
Jim Dirstein, Total Depth
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Perth, Wed 10-Dec-2014

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