Technical Meetings (2015)

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Enhanced Rock Strength Modelling, Combining Triaxial Compressive Tests, Non-Destructive Index Testing and Well Logs
Abbas Khaksar, Baker Hughes


Perth, Tuesday 10-Feb-2015

FESAus March Technical Meeting:
Sourceless Logging While Drilling  capable of providing a comprehensive Formation Evaluation  solution
Hendrayadi Prabawa, Schlumberger

Perth, Tuesday 10-Mar-2015

FESAus April Technical Meeting:
2 Men and a Mouse Analyse 10,000 Logs in 8 Months

Gerry McGann, Incremental Oil and Gas Ltd (IOG)
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Perth, Tuesday 14-Apr-2015

FESAus May 1 Day Seminar & Technical Meeting:
Seismic Reservoir Characterisation

Dr. Sagar Ronghe, DownUnder Geosolutions
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 Perth, Tuesday 12-May-2015

Extraordinary Technical Meeting:
Forward Modelling and Inversion in High Angle Wells
Carlos Torres-Verdin, UT Austin, TX, USA

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Perth, Thursday 4-Jun-2015

FESAus June Technical Meeting: 
Offshore Wireline Coring – more information for your money
Dave Whitby, National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
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Perth, Tuesday 9-June-2015
FESAus July Technical Meeting: 
Multiphysics Reservoir Characterization and Dynamics
Ben Clennell, CSIRO 
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Perth, Tuesday 14-July-2015
FESAus August Technical Meeting:
Production Logging in Horizontal Wells – Centre-line Sensors or Array Sensors? 
Richard Russell, READ Cased Hole
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Perth, Tuesday
FESAus 2015 New Technology Forum
New Developments in Software for Formation Evaluation
Various presenters
Perth, Tuesday
FESAus October Technical Meeting: 
Borehole Imaging and Interpretation of a Carbonate Reservoir
Moyra Wilson, WA School of Mines, Curtin University
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Perth, Tuesday 13-Oct-2015
FESAus Master Class on
Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
This event will be combined with the November Monthly Technical Meeting

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Thursday 05-Nov-2015
FESAus Annual Christmas Event
Location, Location, Location: How to draw the line around shale gas/oil and tight gas
Mike Middleton, WA Department of Mines and Petroleum
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Perth, Tuesday 8-Dec-2015

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