Technical Meetings (2016)

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A New Chapter in Cased Hole Reservoir Fluid Saturation
Abel Geevarghese, Weatherford
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Perth, Tuesday 9-Feb-2016
FESQ Seminar
Big Data: Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Stephen Tyler, University of Queensland
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Brisbane, Friday 26-Feb-2016
Faults – Are they sealing or leaking?
Bill Power, Baker
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Perth, Tuesday 8-Mar-2016
FESQ Seminar: Reducing Exploration and Development Risk Using Gas Geochemistry
Dr. Mark A. McCaffrey, Ph.D. Weatherford Laboratories

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Brisbane, Monday 14-Mar-2016
SPWLA Distinguished Lecture
Advanced Formation Logging: A Case Study of Revealing the True Potential of a Gas Reservoir
Paul Pillai, Chevron (2016 SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer)
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Perth, Tuesday 12-Apr-2016
SPWLA Distinguished Lecture
An MICP Based Pore Typing Workflow – Core Scale to Log Scale
Paul Theologou, Chevron (2016 SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer)

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Perth,Wednesday 11-May-2016
Advanced Electrofacies modelling and Permeability Prediction: A case study incorporating multi-resolution core, NMR and image log textural information into a carbonate facies study
Diego Vasquez, Paradigm

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Perth, Tuesday 14-Jun-2016
Petrophysics vs. Petrography, Round 2: High resolution Minerology Logs
JB Peyaud, Baker Hughes

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Perth, Tuesday 12-Jul-2016
Sweet Spot Identification and In-situ Stress Analysis using Borehole Image Logs in Unconventional Wells
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Brisbane, Friday
Mobility, Permeability and Productivity Measurements with Formation Testers
Jack Harfoushian, Schlumberger
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Perth, Tuesday 9-Aug-2016
FESAus 2016 New Technology Forum
New Developments in Hardware for Formation Evaluation
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Perth, Thursday 8-Sep-2016
FESQ-SPE-DNRM Technology Day
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Brisbane, Wed 5-Oct-2016
In lieu of the monthly technical meeting:
FESAus 2016 Master Class
Integrating Formation Evaluation and Geology from Logs
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Perth, Tuesday 11-Oct-2016
Inconsistencies in Core Analysis Data and Applications for Reservoir Modelling
Max Podolyak

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Perth, Tuesday 8-Nov-2016
FESAus 2016 Christmas Event
Polar Bears and Secondary Porosity: Some Ways to be Precisely Wrong in Petrophysics
Martin Kennedy

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Perth, Tuesday 13-Dec-2016

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