Technical Meetings (2017)

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Advanced Geostatistical Simulations
Prof András Bárdossy, Dr Sebastian Hörning and Jaco du Plessis University of Stuttgart (Germany) and University of Queensland
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Brisbane, Thursday 8-Feb-2017
Integration of Core Data using a Modelling System
Peter Behrenbruch, Bear and Brook Consulting Pty Ltd
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Perth, Tuesday 14-Feb-2017

Bahariya Formation: Lessons in Data Acquisition
AbdelRahman Elkhateeb, Denali Formation Evaluation Services
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Perth, Tuesday 14-Mar-2017

Log Quality Control: Easy as 1-2-3?
Martin Storey, Well Data QA
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Perth, Tuesday 11-Apr-2017
Alternative Structural interpretation in the Walloon Coal Measures: fracture development and implications for permeability
Jeff Copley (Geophysicist) and Saswata Mukherjee (Geologist) from UQ
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Brisbane, Thursday 27-Apr-2017

Uncertainty Modelling, Value of Information and the Petroleum Resources Management System
Rick Aldred, Consultant
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Perth, Tuesday 9-May-2017

Evaluating complex reservoirs requires more data than standard Resistivity-Density-Neutron-Sonic-GR logs
Ashish Datey, Schlumberger

Thursday 25-May-2017

Some Interesting Things We Can Do As Petrophysicists  
Mark Deakin PhD, Petrophysics Pty Ltd
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Perth, Tuesday 13-Jun-2017

Bond, Bond, Where Art Thou?
Paul Pillai, Weatherford

Perth, Tuesday 11-Jul-2017

Petrophysical characterization at the extremes and across three continents: contrasting examples from
Utica, Marcellus, Longmaxi and Roseneath-Murteree resource shales

Dr. Ben Clennell, CSIRO
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Tuesday 8-Aug-2017

September New Technical Forum 2017
“Software Solutions for Formation Evaluation”
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Thursday 7-Sep-2017

Joint FESAus / SPE Master Class
Lessons in Formation and Reservoir Evaluation in Northern Australia

A panel of high-profile speakers from industry and academia
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Tuesday 10-Oct-2017
November Brisbane Seminar
Reducing Risk and Improving Hydrocarbon Recovery Through Better Understanding of Well Operations
Kevin Flynn, FlynnCore
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Thursday 2-Nov-2017

November Technical Meeting
1. Petrophysical Reservoir Modeling from Seismic Impedance Volumes 
2. A new dimension in fault recognition from seismic – implications for the Exploration and Development of resources

1. Wesley Emery, Director and Petrophysicist, iRPM Pty Ltd 
2. Ralf Oppermann, Director and Geoscientist, OPPtimal Resource Solutions Pty Ltd
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Perth, Tuesday 14-Nov-2017

December Technical Meeting
Reservoir Evaluation – Don’t look back in anger….. at least not today!”
Andrew Buffin, Principal and MD, ResEval Consulting
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Perth, Tuesday 12-Dec-2017

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