Technical Meetings (2018)

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Event NameLocation & Date
The creation and application of Optimizing Petrophysics Technology with emphasis on using geological information to recognize and develop new reservoirs
Stephen Cheshire, Consultant Petrophysicist
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Brisbane, Thursday 25-Jan-2018
Some really useful things we can do as petrophysicists
Mark Deakin PhD, PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd
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Perth, Tuesday 13-Feb-2018
FESQ February Seminar in Brisbane
Mineralogical and Textural Mapping for Oil/Gas Core: Next Generation Hyperspectral Core Imaging

Brigette A. Martini, Phd. Chief Geologist, Corescan
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Brisbane, Tuesday 28-Feb-2018
Best in class core analysis on thin bed reservoir rock
Ruslan Badamshin & Ryan Crawford (Woodside)
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Perth, Tuesday 8-Mar-2018
Characterizing Reservoir Compartmentalization: Single well fault seal analysis and uncertainty
Russell Davies (Schlumberger)
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Perth, Tuesday 10-Apr-2018
New Topic: “Frames of Reference: Why do some oil and gas drilling projects succeed while others fail?”
David Bowling (Baker Hughes, a GE Company)
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Perth, Tuesday 08-May-2018
Monitoring Carbon Dioxide in the Sub-surface using Pulsed Neutron and other Logs: Theory and Practice
Martin Kennedy (Independent Consultant)
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Perth, Tuesday 12-June-2018
Neural Networks and the Markov Chain Approach for Facies Analysis and Prediction from Well Logs in the Precipice-Evergreen Succession, Surat Basin: Implications for CO2 Storage
Jianhua He (University of Queensland)
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Thursday 21-June-2018
Accelerating and Enhancing Petrophysical Analysis with Machine Learning: A Case Study of an Automated System For Well Log Outlier Detection and Reconstruction
Tim Conroy (Chief Petrophysicist, Woodside Energy)
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Perth, Tuesday 10-July-2018
Integrating NMR and Spectroscopy Data in Formation Evaluation (+Workshop)
Ashish Datey (Petrophysics Domain, Schlumberger)
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Perth, Tuesday 14-August-2018
Geotechnical engineering in mining – What we do and what happens when it goes wrong
Dr. Walter Keilich (BHP)
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Thursday 23-August-2018
Sidewall Core Samples – Can We Get the Value? 
Max Podolyak (Core Laboratories, Asia Pacific)
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Perth, Tuesday 11-September-2018
Statistical Techniques for Petrophysics and Uncertainty 
Matthew Shaw (Woodside Energy)
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Perth, Tuesday 13-November-2018
Large Scale Tectonic Controls on Sediment Distribution in the Northern Carnarvon Basin
Chris Elders (School of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Curtin University)
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Perth, Tuesday 11-December-2018

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