Technical Meetings (2019)

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Case Studies and Applications of the New High-Resolution Integrated Resistivity and Acoustic LWD Imager in Oil-Based Mud
James Dolan, Schlumberger

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Perth, Tuesday 12-Mar-2019
Formation Evaluation in Volcanic Reservoirs
Tom Neville, Asia-Pacific Formation Evaluation Services

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Brisbane, Thursday 4-Apr-2019
A New Non-destructive Technology for Core Analysis
Jean-Baptiste Peyaud

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Perth, Tuesday 9-Apr-2019
Our Evolving View of Time-Lapse Seismic Monitoring: 20 years of the same old Teal South data
Wayne Pennington
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Perth, Tuesday 14-May-2019
Well Log Data Analytics
Chris Dyt
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Brisbane, Tuesday 28-May-2019
Well Placement: Looking Ahead, The Future is Now
Matthew Rigden, Schlumberger
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Perth, Tuesday 11-June-2019
Advanced Petrophysical Applications for the Australian Mining Industry
Jennifer Market, Lloyd’s Register
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Perth, Tuesday 9-Jul-2019
LQC … Easy as 1,2,3!
Martin Storey, Independent Consultant

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Brisbane, Tuesday 30-Jul-2019
What You Need To Know To Drill A HPHT Well
Jonathan Slade, Senior Petrophysicist, Woodside Energy
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Perth, Tuesday 13-Aug-2019
The Impact of Upscaling on Porosity, Permeability & Water Saturation Modelling in Heterogeneous Reservoirs 
Stephen Adams (The Petrophysicist Limited),
Colin McPhee (Mercat Energy Limited)
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Perth, Tuesday 27-Aug-2019
Impact of in-seam drilling performance on coal seam gas production and remaining gas distribution  
Dr Fengde Zhou, Arrow Energy Pty Ltd
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Brisbane, Thursday 29-Aug-2019
New Technology Forum: Advances in Software for Formation Evaluation
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Perth, Thursday 12-Sep-2019
Quantifying Petrophysical Uncertainty . Why is it important and how should we do it?
Rick Aldred, Independent Consultant
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Brisbane, Thursday 26-Sep-2019
Briggs Colour Cubing – A Powerful Visualisation Tool for Stratigraphic Correlation and Facies Typing           
Vanessa Lim, Woodside Energy
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Perth, Tuesday 08-Oct-2019
Data Analytics and Machine Learning, What is it and How can I use it?                                                                         
Chris Dyt, CSIRO
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Perth, Tuesday 12-Nov-2019
Determination of Total Gas in Place for Gas Shale Reservoirs using NMR Logs                                                                                              
Rick Lewis, Schlumberger
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Brisbane, Thursday 21-Nov-2019
Challenges to the Australian Oil and Gas Industry in a Changing World                                                                          
Gerry McGann, Incremental Oil and Gas
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Perth, Tuesday 10-Dec-2019



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