Technical Meetings (2020)

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Impact of Equation of State on Gas Adsorption-based Shale Gas Evaluation
Jamiu Ekundayo, Curtin University

Advanced NMR and low-pressure gas adsorption interpretation for Shale Evaluation
Yujie Yuan, Curtin University

 February’s Technical event has been cancelled

Lessons from a Petrophysicist’s Experiences in Machine Learning
Martin Storey, Well Data QA

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 Perth, Tuesday 10-Mar-2020
The Final Piece Of The Puzzle: 3-D Inversion Of Ultra-deep Azimuthal Resistivity LWD Data
Nigel Clegg, Halliburton

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WEBINAR, Monday 30-Mar-2020
How to do Quick-Look Shaly Sand Log Analysis with Confidence
Mark Deakin, Consultant

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WEBINAR, Tuesday 14-Apr-2020
De-risking Reservoir and Fluid Data Acquisition in South East Asia Using Fluid Mapping-While-Drilling Technology
Aldrick Garcia Mayans, Schlumberger
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WEBINAR. NEW Date Thursday 14-May-2020
What have we learned from petrophysical evaluation of the Vaca Muerta formation during the last 5 years of unconventional shale play exploration and development
Alberto César Ortiz, YPF S.A. Argentina
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WEBINAR, Tuesday 09-Jun-2020
Production Logging: the Essential Guide to the Dynamic Behaviour of your Well
Nick Last, Well Test Knowledge International
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Perth, Tuesday 14-Jul-2020

The needle in the haystack: using machine learning to identify specific facies
JB Peyaud, Independent Geologist

Perth, Tuesday 11-Aug-2020

(Webinar for people outside WA)

Integrated Core Analysis Defining Resistivity-Water Saturation models in Tight Gas Sands
Avrami Grader, Halliburton

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Perth, Tuesday 08-Sept-2020

(Webinar for people outside WA)

Machine Learning Assisted Seismic Fault Interpretation
Fahad Khan, Schlumberger
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Perth, Tuesday 13-Oct-2020

(Webinar option available)


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