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Webcasts of FESAus Masterclass events are posted here as soon as they become available.

They can be viewed in their entirety by FESAus members (after logging in). Webcasts become available to all after one year.








Event Description and Webcast

FESAus proudly present “Brown Field Evaluation: Integrating Field Production with Log and Core Data” 

  • Brown Field Evaluation (Andrew Buffin, ResEval Consulting Pty. Ltd.) – Webcast
  • Re-evaluating low resistivity pay intervals in mature fields (Rick Aldred, Independent Consultant) – Webcast 
  • Integrating fibre optic surveys with petrophysics and geomechanics for sand control decisions in a brown field (Abbas Khasar, Baker Hughes GE) – Webcast 
  • Completion Planning From a Geological Prospective. Using Core, DFIT and Tracer Data to Improve Hydraulic Fracture Modelling (David Hume, Corelab) – Webcast 
  • Electrostatic origins of oil-brine-rock interactions: Implications for low salinity water flooding (Sam Xie, WA School of Mines) – Webcast 
  • Unrecognized, denied, ignored – The truth about small-scale faults (Ralf Oppermann, Opptimal Resources Solutions) – Webcast 
  • Quantifying Water Free Production (Wesley Emery, iRPM Pty Ltd) – Webcast not available
  • Facies/rock typing: A key parameter in reservoir modeling (Nabi Mirzee, Independent Consultant) – Webcast
  • Conclusion (Andrew Buffin, ResEval Consulting Pty. Ltd.) – Webcast

FESAus proudly present “Psychology of Decision Making Masterclass” (Ben van Dejil and Chris Murphy, Woodside) – Slide Deck



  • From logs to seismic, Phoenix oilfield with open file data (Sagar Ronghe & Anne Locke, Downunder Geosolutions) – Webcast not available
  • Reservoir degradation in Io/Jansz (JB Peyaud, Fluid Minerals Interactions) – Webcast not available
  • Saturation uncertainty in Io/Jansz (Wesley Emery, iRPM) – Webcast not available
  • Lessons learned in Barrow Sequestration Project (Gerry McGann, Incremental O&G) – Webcast not available
  • Lessons learnt from Full Field Petrophysics (Wesley Emery, iRPM) – Webcast not available
  • Dual packer to define pay (Matthew Flett, Chevron) – Webcast not available
  • Glauconitic Reservoirs – Barrow Island (Wesley Emery, iRPM) – Webcast
  • Buffalo Field Redevelopment (Borzou Zein & Luke Tomlinson, Carnarvon Petroleum) – Webcast
  • Rock Characterisation by X-Ray Scanning (Max Podolyak, Corelab) – Webcast 
  • Rankin reservoir simulation success (Alex Kaiko, Woodside) – Webcast not available
  • Upscaling from image to simulator on the NWS (Jon Roestenburg, Geotransformations) – Webcast 
  • Coniston and Novara Development challenges (Roumen Sankoff, Quadrant) – Webcast not available
  • The Business Case for Data Acquisition (Pieter Jagtenberg, Woodside) – Webcast not available

FESAus proudly present “October Technical Event in Perth: Master Class on Integrating Formation Evaluation and Geology from Logs”

  • History of use of logs by geologists (Gerry McGann, Incremental Oil and Gas) – Webcast not available
  • Challenges in log correlation (Ed Hooper, Woodside) – Webcast not available
  • Environments of deposition from logs (Mike Walker, Walker Petrophysics) – Webcast not available
  • Log signatures of key stratigraphic surfaces (Martin Kennedy) Webcast not available
  • Seismic and logs to build geological models (Sagar Ronghe, Down under geosolutions) – Webcast not available
  • Source rock Quantification from logs (Irina Emelyanova, CSIRO) – Webcast not available
  • Core and Geology (Tony Kennaird, Corelab) – Webcast not available
  • Core to log Upscaling & Uncertainty (Wesley Emery, iRPM Pty Ltd) – Webcast 
  • Image logs to determine flow units etc (Jeremy Prosser, TaskFronterra) – Webcast not available
  • Thin beds (Peter Bright, independent consultant) – Webcast not available
  • Unconventional log analysis etc (Ben Clennell, CSIRO) – Webcast not available
  • Case study, logs and seismic (Stephen Abernathy, Shell Australia) – Webcast not available

FESAus proudly present “A Master Class on Special Core Analysis (SCAL)

  • Lab Capillary Pressure Analyses – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (Kevin Flynn, Weatherford) Webcast
  • CT Scanning at Various Scales of Measurement  (Tony Kennaird, Corelab):   Webcast
  • Using Archie in a non-water wet imbibition scenario – what is the Denominator?(Kevin Flynn, Weatherford):  Webcast
  • Characterising Core Using Whole Core Techniques (Kath Hodgson, ALS Oil and Gas):   Webcast
  • Challenges with Clays in Sample Preperation, Testing and Analyses (Max Podolyak, LR Senergy):   Webcast
  • Relative Permeability. Can we trust the data? (Tony Kennaird, Corelab):   Webcast

FESAus proudly present “A Master Class on Thin Bed Formation Evaluation

  • Introduction and Keynote (Mike Walker, FESAus): Webcast
  • Lunch Presentation: Processing Techniques for Thin Beds (Rick Aldred, Paradigm): Webcast
  • Wireline Logging Strategy for Thin Beds (Djisan Kho, Schlumberger): Webcast
  • Logging Thin Beds with LWD and Analysis in Deviated Wells (M.S. Iyer, Halliburton): Webcast
  • Core Analysis Considerations for Thin Bedded Reservoirs (Tony Kennaird, Corelab): Webcast
  • Image log Processing for Thin Bed Evaluation (Jeremy Prosser, TaskFrontera): Webcast
  • Static Modelling of Thin Bedded Reservoirs (Adrian Young, Shell): Webcast
  • Impact of Thin Beds on Geomechanics Modelling (Zach John, Schlumberger): Webcast
  • Operator Case Study #1: Integration of Thin Bed Analysis Techniques (Scott Cole, Chevron): Webcast
  • Operator Case Study #2: Thin Bed Analysis Techniques (Nariman Nouri, Shell): Webcast

FESAus and SPE of Australia proudly present “A Master Class on Well Integrity”

Welcome and Introduction: PDF

  • Keynote: Setting the Scene (Clark Brannin, Woodside): PDFWebcast
  • Well Integrity during Drilling Operations (Tom Nolan, Inpex): PDFWebcast
  • Well Cementing (Vladislav Konogorov, Halliburton): PDFWebcast
  • Well Completion (Nick Muecke, Vermillion Oil & Gas): PDFWebcast
  • Well Monitoring (Roger Marsh, Baker Hughes): (PDF not released), Webcast
  • Reservoir Management & Integrity (David Press, Schlumberger): PDFWebcast
  • Government Regulation (Gavin Guyan, NOPSEMA): PDFWebcast
  • Panel Discussion: Webcast

FESAus proundly present “A Master Class on Geomechanics”

  • Geomechanics, the Big Picture (Zach John, Schlumberger): Webcast
  • Rock Testing (Jurgen Streit, Woodside): Webcast
  • Petrophysical Measurements and Acoustics for Geomechanics (Adam Donald, Schlumberger): Webcast
  • Building the Geomechanical Model (Agus Tjengdrawira, Baker Hughes): Webcast
  • Pore Pressure and Real Time Monitoring (Jessica Avila, Chevron): Webcast
  • Sanding and Completion (Abbas Khaskar, Baker Hughes): Webcast
  • Hydraulic Fracturing (Vamegh Rasouli, Curtin University): Webcast
  • Geomechanics at the Reservoir Scale (Chee Tan, Schlumberger): Webcast

FESAus proudly present “A Master Class on Clay” 

  • Introduction to the Master Class on Clay (Joe Hamilton, AMMTec): Webcast
  • Geomechanics Issues and Opportunities (Claudio Rabe, Baker RDS): Webcast
  • Clays and Structural Geology (Wayne Bailey, Woodside): Webcast not available
  • Clay Mineral Diagenesis (Jean-Baptiste Peyaud, Baker Hughes): Webcast
  • Clays and Core Analysis (Tony Kennaird, CoreLab): Webcast
  • Clay and Production Geology (Charlotte Martin, Shell): Webcast not available
  • Practical Petrophysics ( Mike Walker, Walker Petrophysics): Webcast

FESAus proudly present “A Master Class on Porosity”

  • Introduction by Hugh Crocker: Webcast
  • A Petrophysics Perspective on Porosity (Jeroen Brantjes, Chevron): Webcast
  • A NMR Perspective on Porosity (Ben Clennell, CSIRO): Webcast
  • A Core Perspective on Porosity (Ian Mangelsdorf, ACS Labs): Webcast
  • A Geological Modelling Perspective on Porosity (Bodo Katz, Chevron): Webcast
  • A Reservoir Engineering Perspective on Porosity (Dave Mabee): Webcast

FESAus and SPE of Australia proudly present “A Master Class on Permeability”

  • Introduction to the Master Class on permeability (Martin Kennedy, Woodside): Webcast
  • Permeability from Core Analysis (Tony Kennaird, Corelab): Webcast
  • Permeability from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Ben Clennell, CSIRO): Webcast
  • Permeability from Sonic (Adrian Manescu, Baker Atlas): Webcast
  • Permeability from Formation Testers (Jack Harfoushian, Schlumberger): Webcast
  • Permeability from an Engineer’s Perspective (Ian Taggart): Webcast
  • Permeability by Other Means (Martin Storey, Consultant): Webcast


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