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Webcasts of the annual FESAus New Technology Forums (held in September) are posted here as soon as they become available.

These can be viewed in their entirety by anyone, including non members, as a service to the companies that have made presentations at our New Technology Focums


DateEvent Description and Webcast

FESAus New Technology Forum 2017 “New and Emerging Software Applications”

  • Welcome and Introduction: Webcast
  1. Schlumberger: Geological Process Modelling (GPM) – Forward geological modeling fully integrated with reservoir modelling – No Webcast available
  2. Baker Hughes GE: Inversion of Formation Resistivity in High Angle Wells – No Webcast available
  3. Halliburton: Petrophysics in the context of an End-to-End Geoscience Workflow – Webcast
  4. Weatherford: Harnessing the full potential of image data – amazing revelations – Webcast
  5. Lloyds Register (Synergy): A Modern, Intuitive Petrophysical Workflow with IP: Interactive Petrophysics and IC: Instant Clarity – Webcast
  6. Paradigm : High Resolution Facies Prediction by Integrating Dip Quality Index and Automatic Texture Analysis from Borehole Images in Geolog – Webcast
  7. Schlumberger: Benefits of Wireline Thrubit Imaging technology and the latest processing and interpretation methodologies – No Webcast available
  8. Baker Hughes GE: Rotary Core Methodology – No Webcast available
  • Closing Remarks: – No Webcast available –

FESAus New Technology Forum 2016 “New Hardware Technologies for Formation Evaluation”

  1. EPSLOG S.A.: Enhanced core analysis workflow with high resolution strength and ultrasonic profiles – No Webcast available
  2. Baker Wireline: Integrity Explorer (INTeX) and Array Dielectric Explorer (ADeX) – No Webcast available
  3. Schlumberger LWD: Looking forward – “RTLAS – Real-Time Look-Ahead Solutions” – Webcast
  4. Schlumberger: Application of Rt Scanner: Triaxial Induction Service – Webcast



FESAus New Technology Forum 2015 “New and Emerging Software Applications”

  1. Harvey Rock Physics: Nicholas Harvey on LogScope on Tablet Demo  – Webcast
  2. Paradigm: Diego Vasquez on Integrated Rock Typing and Prediction of Lithofacies with MICP Cluster Analysis in Geolog Facimage – Webcast
  3. LR Senergy: Graham Melvin on Wellbore Stability in IP 4.3 Software – Webcast
  4. Halliburton: Geo Kaeng on DecisionSpace Unconventional: Beyond Volumetric Petrophysics and Reservoir Characterisation for Unconventional Resource Appraisal- Webcast
  5. Schlumberger: Mahamed Alboub on TechLog WBI new plug-in and Dale Lewis on Advanced QuantaGeo Image Processing – Webcast1  Webcast2
  6. Schlumberger: Anada Roy on Wellbore Centric Platform/Taking Collaboration to Another Level – Webcast
  7. Weatherford: Manus Lang on Software and Conveyance – Webcast
  • Closing Remarks: – No Webcast available –

FESAus New Technology Forum 2014 “New Hardware Technologies for Formation Evaluation”

  1. BakerHughes: Adrian Manescu on Magtrak 8 1/4″: New Large Hole LWD NMR tool  – Webcast
  2. BakerHughes: JB Peyaud on FleXThru: Spectroscopic minerology through casing – Webcast
  3. BakerHughes: Martin Jacobs on New developments in Reservoir Navigation Services – No webcast available
  4. Chemostrat: Anne Forbes on Portable analytical instruments for in situ minerology and geochemistry – Webcast
  5. FEI: Joseph Hamilton on Core to pore scale Petrophysics through Digital Rock Analysis – Webcast
  6. Halliburton: Lachlan Comb on Sealed Wireline conveyed Rotary Sidewall Cores – Webcast
  7. Schlumberger: German Lozada on Quanta Geo: True Image Quality in Nonconductive-mud systems – Webcast
  8. Schlumberger: Liu Yang on Geosphere: Reservoir Mapping while Drilling Service – No webcast available
  9. Weatherford: Behzad Marzban on Slim Sampling Tool – Webcast

FESAus New Technology Forum 2013 “Advances in Software – Making Better Decisions Faster”

  1. BakerHughes: A modern modelling platform combining 1D and 3D Geomechanics Workflows: (Webcast not avail)
  2. Paradigm: Saturation Height Modelling in Geolog: Webcast
  3. Schlumberger: Next Generation Tool for Multi Domain Collaboration (Webcast not avail)
  4. IHS: Geosteering with the Kingdom Suite – “Simply Scientific” Webcast
  5. Task Geoscience: Attitude – New and Improved Functionality: Webcast
  6. Halliburton: Rapid Prospect High Ranking: Webcast

FESAus New Technology Forum 2012 “Technology Leapfrogging – New Hardware for FE”

  1. EPSLog: Determination of Rock Strength from Scratch Testing: PDF, Webcast
  2. Schlumberger: Sonic Scope- Next Generation LWD Sonic: PDF, Webcast
  3. Halliburton: New LWD Technology – Azimuthal sonic, fluid sampling and oil mud imaging: PDF, Webcast
  4. BakerHughes: FASTrak – Sampling when it matters: PDF, Webcast
  5. Weatherford: New advanced pump through Repeat Formation Tester Tool: PDF, Webcast
  6. Geoservices: Quantitative Mineralogy While Drilling: PDF, (Webcast not available)
  7. BakerHughes: aXcelerate Mud Pulse Technology: PDF, Webcast
  8. Weatherford: Cased Hole Reservoir Monitoring (Webcast not available)
  9. Halliburton: New Wireline Technology – Pulsed Neutron, Downhole Power Unit, Ultraslim Quad Combo, Cement & Casing evaluation: PDF, Webcast

FESAus New Technology Forum 2010 “Conquer the well: Advances in Hardware for Formation Evaluation”

  1. Halliburton: HSFT2 – Pushing the Limits in HP/HT Formation Testing: Webcast
  2. Schlumberger: Dielectric Scanner: Webcast
  3. Weatherford: Cross Dipole Sonic – Novel Applications: Webcast
  4. Baker Hughes: MagTrak – LWD NMR Tool: Webcast
  5. Halliburton: GeoTap IDS – LWD Fluid Identification & Sampling Technology: Webcast
  6. Schlumberger: Stethoscope – Formation Pressure While Drilling and Real-time Geomechanics: Webcast
  7. Baker Hughes LWD Image Logs: Webcast
  8. AMMTec: Advanced Mud Logging Through Mineral Analysis: Webcast
  9. CoreTrack: Core Acquisition Information to the Rig Floor in Real Time: Webcast
  10. Weatherford: Micro-seismic Hydraulic Fracture Mapping Services – Pushing the Envelope: Webcast

FESAus New Technology Forum 2009 “Innovative Software Solutions for Formation Evaluation”

  • Session 1: Imaging Software
  1. Petris Recall Impetus – A modern ‘controlled’ user environment for borehole image processing interpretation: Webcast
  2. Task Geoscience: Attitude – Step Away from the Borehole: Webcast
  3. Weatherford: Using Borehole Images to Improve Permeability Estimates: Webcast
  • Session 2: General Petrophysics
  1. Downunder Geosolutions: Petrophysics, Rock Physics, & Stochastic Modeling – A Thorough Workflow: Webcast
  2. Fugro-Jason: Integrating Petrophysics & Rock Physics for Formation Evaluation: Webcast
  3. Schlumberger: Techlog – Schlumberger’s New Petrophysical Interpretation Software: Webcast
  4. Senergy: The What’s and Whys of Interactive Petrophysics: Webcast
  • Session 3: Pressures, Geomechanics, and Geology
  1. Halliburton: Pore Pressure & Wellbore Stability – From Pre-Drill Analysis to Real-Time Surveillance: Webcast
  2. R-Web: Pressure Explorer – The Streamlined Approach to Formation Pressure Interpretation>: Webcast
  3. Geomechanics International: 3D Geomechanics: Webcast
  4. Paradigm: Using Electrofacies to Guide Geologic Interpretation: Webcast

FESAus’s New Technology Forum: “New Technology in Formation Evaluation”

  1. Introduction to the FESAus New Technology Forum: Webcast
    (Note: there is no sound on this short introduction)
  2. Schlumberger: Productive Drilling: Webcast
  3. Schlumberger: RT Scanner: Webcast
  4. Halliburton: New LWD Technology: ADR-AFR: Webcast
  5. Weatherford: Shuttle Conveyance / Compact: Webcast
  6. BakerAtlas: Formation Litho Explorer/RockView: Webcast
  7. Halliburton: RDT Testing, Oval Pad, Straddle Packer: Webcast
  8. Weatherford: AZD & Spectral GR: Webcast


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