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2021 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date        Graphic Event Description and Webcast


How real is the present day sea level rise? (Dariusz Jablonski): Webcast (not available for non members)


The exciting applications of 3D Geomechanics in addressing the challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry (Zachariah John Pallikathekathil , Schlumberger): Webcast (not available for non members)
Aug-2021 Mineral Logging For Oilfield Petrophysicists (Jennifer Market, Epiroc): Webcast (not available for non members)
May-2021 Electrical Property Measurements and their Advances (R. Ray Hanna, Core Laboratories): Webcast (not available for non members)
Apr-2021 Modelling Permeability in Clastic Reservoirs (Chiew F Choo): Webcast (not available for non members)
Mar-2021 Just what is Porosity (Tony Kennaird): Webcast (not available for non members)

2020 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date        Graphic Event Description and Webcast


The Story by Fossils & Artefacts to Homo Sapiens (Michael Wilson): Webcast

Production Logging: the Essential Guide to the Dynamic Behaviour of your Well (Nick Last, Well Test Knowledge International): Webcast

What have we learned from petrophysical evaluation of the Vaca Muerta formation during the last 5 years of unconventional shale play exploration and development (Alberto César Ortiz, YPF S.A. Argentina): Webcast
Apr-2020 How to do Quick-Look Shaly Sand Log Analysis with Confidence (Mark Deakin, Consultant): Webcast

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle: 3-D Inversion Of Ultra-deep Azimuthal Resistivity LWD Data (Nigel Clegg, Halliburton): Webcast

Lessons from Petrophysicist’s Experiences in Machine Learning (Martin Storey, Well Data QA): Webcast

2019 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date        Graphic Event Description and Webcast

Challenges to the Australian Oil and Gas industry in a Changing World (Gerry McGann, Incremental Oil and Gas): Webcast
Oct-2019Briggs Colour Cubing – A Powerful Visualisation Tool For Stratigraphic Correlation And Facies Typing (Vanessa Lim): Webcast

The Impact of Upscaling on Porosity, Permeability & Water Saturation Modelling in Heterogeneous Reservoirs  (Stephen Adams and Colin McPhee): Webcast
Aug-2019What You Need To Know To Drill A HPHT Well (Jonathan Slade): Webcast
May-2019Our Evolving View of Time-Lapse Seismic Monitoring: 20 years of the same old Teal South data (Wayne Pennington): Webcast
Apr-2019A New Non-destructive Technology for Core Analysis (Jean-Baptiste Peyaud): Webcast
Feb-2019Assessment of Methane Adsorption Capacity in Shale Gas Reservoirs (Jie Zou, School of Mines, Curtin University): Webcast


2018 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date        Graphic Event Description and Webcast
Dec-2018Large Scale Tectonic Controls on Sediment Distribution in the Northern Carnarvon Basin (Chris Elders, School of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Curtin University): Webcast
Sep-2018Sidewall Core Samples – Can We Get the Value? (Max Podolyak, Core Laboratories, Asia Pacific): Webcast
Aug-2018Formation Evaluation integrating NMR and Spectroscopy data (Ashish Datey, Schlumberger): Webcast
Jun-2018Monitoring Carbon Dioxide in the Subsurface using Pulsed Neutron and other Logs: Theory and Practice. (Martin Kennedy, MSK Scientific Consulting): Webcast
May-2018Frames of Reference: Why do some oil and gas drilling projects succeed while others fail?(David Bowling, Baker GE): Webcast
Apr-2018April 2018 Technical MeetingCharacterizing Reservoir Compartmentalization: Single well fault seal analysis and uncertainty (Russell Davies, Schlumberger): Webcast
Feb-2018Some really useful things we can do as petrophysicists (Mark Deakin PhD, PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd): Webcast

2017 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date        Graphic Event Description and Webcast
Dec-2017Reservoir Evaluation – Don’t look back in anger….. at least not today!” (Andrew Buffin, ResEval Consulting): Webcast
Nov-2017Petrophysical Reservoir Modeling from Seismic Impedance Volumes (Wesley Emery, iRPM Pty Ltd): Webcast
Nov-2017 A new dimension in fault recognition from seismic – implications for the Exploration and Development of resources (Ralf Oppermann, OPPtimal Resource Solutions Pty Ltd): Webcast
Jul-2017Bond, Bond, Where Art Thou? (Paul Pillai,Weatherford): Webcast
May-2017Uncertainty Modelling, Value of Information and the Petroleum Resources Management System (Rick Aldred,Consultant): Webcast
Apr-2017 Log Quality Control Easy as 1..2..3 (Martin Storey,Well Data QA): Webcast
Mar-2017Bahariya Formation: Lessons in Data Acquisition (AbdelRahman Elkhateeb, Denali Formation Evaluation Services): Webcast

2016 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date        Graphic Event Description and Webcast
Nov-2016Inconsistancies in Core Analysis Data and Applications for Reservoir Modelling (Max Podolyak, Corelab): Webcast
Aug-2016Mobility, Permeability and Productivity Measurements with Formation Testers (Jack Harfoushian, Schlumberger): Webcast
Jul-2016Petrophysics vs. Petrography, Round 2: High resolution Minerology Logs (JB Peyaud, Baker Hughes): Webcast
May-2016SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer Presentation:
An MICP Based Pore Typing Workflow – Core Scale to Log Scale (Paul Theologou, Chevron): Webcast
Apr-2016SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer Presentation:
Advanced Formation Logging: A Case Study of Revealing the True Potential of a Gas Reservoir (Paul Pillai, Chevron): Webcast
Mar-2016Faults – Are They Sealing or Leaking  (Bill Power): Webcast

2015 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date        Graphic Event Description and Webcast
Nov-2015FESAus November 2015 - Rick AldredThe use of 3D Petrophysical Modelling to Apply Saturation Height Functions in Multi-Pore Systems  (Rick Aldred): Webcast
Oct-2015FESAus October 2015 - Moyra WilsonBorehole imaging and interpretation of a carbonate reservoir (Moyra Wilson, Curtin University): Webcast
Jul-2015FESAus July 2015 - Ben ClennelMultiphysics approach to Reservoir Characterisation and Dynamics (Ben Clennel, CSIRO): Webcast
Jun-2015FESAus June 2015 - Dave WhitbyOffshore Wireline Coring: more core for your money (Dave Whitby, NOV): Webcast
May-2015FESAus May 2015 - Sagar RonghePetrophysics and Rock Properties in Seismic Reservoir Characterisation (Sagar Ronghe, DUG):Webcast
Apr-2015FESAus April 2015 - Gerry McGann10,000 logs in 12 months (with a staff of 2 geo’s)! (Gerry McGann, IOG): Webcast
Mar-2015FESAus March 2015 - Hendrayadi PrabawaSourceless Logging While Drilling capable of providing a comprehensive Formation Evaluation solutions (Hendrayadi Prabawa, Schlumberger): Webcast
Feb-2015FESAus February 2015 - Abbas KhaksarEnhanced Rock Strength Modelling, Combining Trixial Compressive Tests, Non-Destructive Index Tesing and Well Logs (Abbas Khaksar, Baker Hughes): Webcast

2014 Technical Meeting Webcasts

Date         Graphic Event Description and Webcast
Dec-2014FESAus December 2014 - Jim Dirstein Airborne Petrophysics (Jim Dirstein, Total Depth): Webcast
Oct-2014FESAus October 2014 - Ata IlahiPredicting Litho Types from Seismic and Verifying then from Well Logs (Ata Ilahi, Woodside): Webcast
Aug-2014FESAus August 2014 - Lionel Esteban Drilling the Deepest Offshore Well in the World: What we learnt from the Nankai Trough Seismogenic Subduction Zone (Lionel Esteban, CSIRO): Webcast, PDF
Jun-2014FESAus June 2014 - Jean-Baptise PeyaudVices and virtues of Spectroscopic Minerology (Jean-Baptise Peyaud, BakerHughes): Webcast
May-2014FESAus May 2014 - Tony KennairdPermeability Measurement Considerations for Reservoir Management (Tony Kennaird, Corelab): Webcast
Mar-2014FESAus March 2014 - John WoodsFTIR: Frontiers in Technology Applications in Oil Exploration (John Woods, Ana-min): Webcast
Feb-2014FESAus February 2014 - Gerry McGannEvaluation Issues in the Seven Worldwide Game Changers discovered in Recent Years (Gerry McGann, Incremental Oil & Gas): Webcast

2013 Technical Meeting Webcasts


DateEvent Description and Webcast
Dec-2013Challenges Facing Australia’s Petroleum, Mining and Exploration Industry (Simon Bennison, CEO, AMEC): Webcast
Nov-2013 Unconventional Resource Estimation in Canning and Perth Basins (Mohammed Bahar, DMP): Webcast
Aug-2013 Impact of Drilling Mechanics on the Geomechanical Model: A example from the Gorgon Development Drilling campaign (Jessica Avila, Chevron): Webcast
Jul-2013Evaluating a New Unconventional Play in an Old Conventional Basin (Carrie Trembath, Woodside): Webcast
Jun-2013Comparing Wireline Formation Testing vs Formation Testing Whilst Drilling In Appraisal Wells (Andrew Carnegie, Woodside): Webcast
May-2013 The Value of Information and the Price of Ignorance (Martin Kennedy, Consultant): Webcast

2012 Technical Meeting Webcasts

DateEvent Description and Webcast

Presentation of 2012 FESAus Hugh Crocker Scholarship Award: Webcast

The use of Low Field NMR for Unconventional Resources (Igor Shikov, 2012 Hugh Crocker Scholarship winner, UNSW): Webcast

Nov-2012Carbonate Petrophysics: Challenges and Learning from Lab to Log (Lionel Esteban, CSISO):Webcast
Oct-2012Applications of Inorganic Geochemical Data in Oil Exploration (John Woods, Chemostrat): Webcast
Aug-2012Shale Reservoirs: Effective Evaluation for Optimal Completion (Tom Neville, Schlumberger): PDF, Webcast
Jul-2012Advancement in Well Placement: Experiences from the Vincent Field (Vanessa Lim, Woodside): PDFWebcast
Jun-2012How well does intuition serve us when managing data? (Andy Cairms, CGGVeritas): PDF, Webcast
May-2012Sharing Experiences and Learnings of Formation Testing (Andrew Carnegie, Woodside Petroleum)
PDF, (due to technical difficulties, this presentation is not available as a Webcast)
Apr-2012Unconventional Applications for Image Logs (Clarke Bean, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd): Webcast
Feb-2012Realising the Value in Vintage Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log Data (Lawrence Bourke, Task Geoscience): Webcast

 2011 Technical Meeting Webcasts


DateEvent Description and Webcast
Dec-2011Logging to the Centre of the Earth (Martin Kennedy, Consultant): Webcast
Aug-2011Understanding Saturation Uncertainty in Jansz-Io Field (Keith Boyle, Chevron Australian Pty Ltd): Webcast
Jun-2011Forensic Petrophysics: Key steps to compiling a value-added data set (Mike Walker, Walker Petrophysics Pty Ltd): Webcast
May-2011Do logs play any role in Small Oil Companies in Australia? (Gerry McGann, Incremental Oil and Gas Ltd): Webcast  
The meeting was sponsored by Incremental Oil and Gas Ltd.
Apr-2011 State-of-the-Art Permeability Determination from Well Logs to Predict Drainage Capillary Water Saturation in Clastic Rocks (Chiew F.Choo, Petronas): Webcast

2010 Hugh Crocker Scholarship Winner mini-presentation: Understanding non-Archie behavoir at low water saturations using micro-CT analysis and Laboratory Experiments (Sefar Yanici, Ph.D candidate, UNSW): Webcast

Core Analysis: A guide to maximising value (Colin McPhee, Senergy Ltd): Webcast

Feb-2011Advancing Mud Logging for Petroleum Exploration through Mineral Analysis (Joseph Hamilton, AMMTEC ltd): Webcast
Note: Due to technical difficulties, the sound quality for the webcast is poor.

 2010 Technical Meeting Webcasts


DateEvent Description and Webcast
Dec-2010There’s oil in them there planets!: A different, unique and entertaining presentation on the possibility of resource development beyond planet Earth (Lance Taylor, MSc, Galactic Teacher of the Year, 1995): Webcast

Inaugural FESAus Student Day

  • Understanding non-Archie Behaviour at low water saturations using micro-CT analysis and Laboratory experiments (Sefer Yanici, University of New South Wales): Webcast
  • Experimental and numerical study of ultrasonic monitoring of Hydraulic fracture propagation (Amin Nabipour, Curtin University of Technology): Webcast
  • Numerical and experimental simulation of sanding in perforation tunnels under true triaxial stress conditions (Ahmadreza Younessi, Curtin University of Technology): Webcast
  • Seismic methods in high permeability sandstones; Perth Basin; Western Australia (Majed AlMalki, Curtin University of Technology): Webcast
  • Experimental and numerical analysis of hydraulic fracturing interactions with natural fractures (Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Curtin University of Technology): Webcast
Aug-2010Unconventional Petroleum Systems: an Overview (Ameed Ghori, WA Department of Mining and Petroleum): Webcast
Jul-2010 Low Resistivity Pay in Carbonates (Asbjorn Gyllensten, Woodside Energy): Webcast
Jun-2010 Use of Dip Image Logs to Evaluate Secondary Reservoir Potential of the Kunung Carbonates (Trevor Magee, Cooper Energy Ltd): Webcast
May-2010 Understanding Wireline Depth Measurement (Holger Lubotzki, LQC Group): Webcast
Webcast sponsor: the LQC Group.

Capillary Pressure and Saturation-Height Modelling. Presentations by:

  • Kevin Flynn (Weatherford): Webcast
  • Colin McPhee (Senergy): Webcast
  • Tony Kennaird (Core Laboratories): Webcast
Apr-2010Wireline Dielectric Measurements Make A Come-back: Applications & Examples (Tom McDonald, Schlumberger):Webcast
Mar-2010Avoiding Nasty Surprises from the Matrix: When are “Fines” Fine? (Adrian Slayter, Senergy): Webcast
Feb-2010Determination of Rock Strength from Core Logs – Where We Are and Ways to Go (Abbas Khaksar, Baker RDS): Webcast


2009 Technical Meeting Webcasts

DateEvent Description and Webcast
Nov-2009Benefits of HT-Hostile Environments on Wellbore Stability (Fermin Fernandez-Ibanez, GMI): Webcast
Oct-2009The Relationship between Survey Management and Geological Target Objectives (Tim Allen, Halliburton): Webcast
Aug-2009Pre-Drill & Real-Time Formation Evaluation to Optimize Minifrac Operations (Jessica Avila, Woodside): Webcast
Jul-2009A presentation of the SPWLA-2010 event in Perth (Jeff Roche): Webcast
Jun-2009The Fundamentals of Pore Pressure Analysis (Rex Butler, Senergy): Webcast
May-2009 Broadband Rock Electrical Properties (Matthew Josh, CSIRO): Webcast
Apr-2009Derivation of a resistivity-independent Sw from NMR in a pyrite infested reservoir (Peter Miklavs, Schlumberger): Webcast
Mar-2009Improved Interpretation of Cooper Basin Facies (Judith McRobb, 2008 Hugh Crocker Scholarship Recipient): Webcast
Focussed Data Acquisition Strategy Aids Pluto and Xena Field Reservoir Characterization (Tim Conroy, Woodside Energy): Webcast
Feb-2009 Petrophysical and Geological Data from Drill Cuttings (Mike Dowen, Ammtec Mineralogy): Webcast

2008 Technical Meeting Webcasts

DateEvent Description and Webcast
Dec-2008FESAus Annual Christmas Event: A ramble through some oilfields, some discoveries made, some opportunities lost. (Gerry McGann, Incremental Petroleum): Webcast
Nov-2008Formation Evaluation for CO2 Disposal (Jeroen Brantjes, Chevron): Webcast
Oct-2008Unlocking Hidden Reservoir Potential Through Integrated Formation Damage Evaluation. (Colin McPhee, Senergy): Webcast
Aug-2008A New Approach in Building a Mechanical Earth Model using Acoustically derived Shear Moduli. (Andrew Buffin, Woodside): Webcast


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